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From Poland with Love

We are Little Lights. Small family manufacture from Krakow, Poland that makes lamps for children and families all over the world.

We make all of these one-of-a-kind lamps with 100 percent natural pine wood. Its smell, texture, and durability is one of the main elements we feel gives our product a sense of timelessness. Because with every lamp we create we’re striving not only to make a beautiful keepsake that lasts through childhood, but hopefully stays in the family for generations


Why are Little Lights the safest lamps for children?


Our lamps have obtained the prestigious TÜV Rheinland certificate.

A TUV certification lets you know that Little Lights is committed to producing high quality, subject to restrictive laboratory safety tests.

Our products have been tested for electrical safety, hazardous material components, and the production facility has undergone an annual inspection.

TÜV SÜD certificates and certification marks represent a third-party endorsement by a globally renowned organization. Around the world, the TÜV SÜD logo is widely recognized and respected as a trusted symbol of quality, safety, and sustainability.




Read. Play. Sleep. Regardless of the activity, our dimmable LED lights adjust easily to set the right mood for any occasion.


Little Lights are not only a beautiful decoration item but, above all, a functional design for everyday use. The brightest lamp mode is enough for bedtime reading and when dimmed, the lamp light is soft enough for Little Lights to stay on all night. You can also set a timer with one click - 30 min, 60 min or 90 min. After this time, the lamp will turn off by itself.



Sustainability is our responsibility


Little Lights is building a brand that takes strong inspiration from nature. To bring natural systems into balance, a new sustainable economy that respects the limits of our natural resources and ecosystems is needed. This requires a shift in how we value, use, and dispose of resources to create a circular system as we see in nature.

Forests are precious, not only for the survival of humanity but also for the rest of the planet. By looking after our forests, we preserve one of our best defences against climate change. Forests are also home to many endemic and endangered species.

With concern about the state of the world’s forests and timber resources increasing, FSC® provides us with credible solutions to our current environmental and social issues. Becoming FSC® certified demonstrates our commitment to maintaining the highest social and ecological standards on the market.

As the world’s most trusted sustainable forest management solution, FSC® labelling shows our customers that the materials used in our production processes originate from legal and sustainable sources.



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